Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Signs of Spring!

Daffodils are crawling out of the ground—even the ones we forgot we'd planted.

One of the SWEETEST (pun intended) signs of spring is the renewed activity of bees buzzing in and out of the hive. They are draining the feeder of sugar water as they wait for the nectar to appear.

I've seen several articles printed on lawn care recently and they could have been (and probably were) written by the commercial lawn chemical industry. This is just a little reminder that dandelions and clover are NOT the enemy. Clover makes a lovely kind of lawn and does not have to be mowed as frequently. And the bees love clover.
So, let's get as many lawns off drugs as possible this year.
The bird, the bees, the flowers and the trees (hmmmmm, sounds like a song...oh, it IS a song) will say thank you.

PS. Yes, you can eat those unsprayed dandelion greens. They are good for you! And the wild turkeys are back...ah, spring! Yes, that's a turkey displaying his fan in photo. I'll try to get closer next time.

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  1. Sue has already harvested bouquets of brazen, showy dafodils. The tulips? Ther a'comin.