Friday, March 16, 2012

Shop Local Success for Community and Business

Last week I dashed into my local Food City store to grab a few things for a pot of "Ward Off the Cold" chicken soup. While a very nice clerk scanned the celery, I complimented her on the cool eco T-shirt she was wearing.

She beamed and explained that my local Food City store had:
— recycled beyond target goals
— reduced their electric bill significantly

The result of this accomplishment was that Food City corporate had gifted all employees in the local Independence, Virginia store with groovy eco T-shirts, a bonus casual dress day, AND cash gift cards!

Here's a big shout out to Food City for rewarding their inspired employees at this small town store. I have long appreciated the company's commitment to efforts in buying local produce, increasing organic offerings and support of our local Earth Day events. They have even embraced social media with an active Facebook page where their sense of community is demonstrated daily.

Now I have one more reason to be a loyal customer....and remember to bring my own reusable bags!

Again, kudos to all the committed individuals in the Independence, Virginia store who love Mother Earth with both their words AND their actions, Thank YOU!

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  1. Love the graphic. Was that on the T-Shirt? It looks perfectly "Earth Mama." Let's connect you and your message to their promotion!!!