Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First, Let's Stop the Stupid Stuff (or Blowin'in the Wind)

The Virginia House of Delegates once again struck a blow to clotheslines, (were they all strung out on something?) refusing to stop community associations from banning them in neighborhoods. The State Senate passed it, but the House bill died from the dreaded disease, “party lines,” in committee. I’ll let you guess which party is opposed to air drying your clothes in your own backyard. Oddly enough, it might just be the same one that is always howling about too much regulation.

I have now been clothes-dryer-free for 7 years. I have extra space in my laundry room. The hanging damp clothes add humidity to dry winter air. I use less whitening agent because I let the summer sun do the bleaching. The clothes smell great and the towels are crunchy, so they really dry your skin instead of just pushing the wet around. (I once lived in a neighborhood in Tennessee where clotheslines were banned, but I moved before I could be arrested or test it in the courts.) I am free, free, free of another energy hog appliance.

What in blazes are they thinking in Richmond...(and Brentwood)? Can they not connect two dots?

We live in a season of great change on Earth. Climate disruption is triggering water shortages and flooding, glacial melting and deforestation, ocean changes and unusual species migration. That is Massive Climate Disruption (MCD) caused by CO2 production from burning of fossil fuels. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to see that the MORE conservation of gas and electricity by NOT running those dryers, means LESS CO2, and a MORE stable climate.

Or can it be that SOMEONE thinks that what you hang in your own backyard is his business? Or could it be that Party Line holds more sway than Clothes Line?
Please send alarm clocks to Richmond (or YOUR state capital) and tell the boys to wake up!


Climate Change action: First, let’s stop the stupid stuff, like banning solar clothes dryers.

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  1. I'm trying to figure out how to ignore the Stupid Stuff.
    We're drowning in it. Mega Wind Turbines in the Appalachians, or anywhere else, are a clean sweep of Federal grants, incentives & tax credits for large energy corporations while sacrificing more and more of our natural environment.

    Love the photo of the beautiful quilts on the clothesline in the Appalachian Sun.